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When Fashion walks for the Election campaigns, politicians flaunt the ramp

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Abhrajita Mondal
An HR professional and Budding Makeup artist from Kolkata

Fashion, looks and dressing for any occasion, is an irreplaceable part of our lives. It is making heads turn in every sphere of life. If you are a housewife, you need to dress well, to impress your in-laws. If you work in a corporate setup, you need to make sure, you look confident and presentable. Being in business means business meetings, client meetings, stakeholder meetings and you ought to be well-dressed for all these occasions.

Whichever walk of life you belong to, dressing up is a way of life. You cannot help, but be well-dressed. Have you heard of the term ‘Power Dressing’? Yes, it is the power that reflects from the manner in which we dress, reflects upon our thought process and our way of expression.

Dressing up in the Political Arena:

We have given a thought to dressing up for all occasions and professions, mostly. But, what about our politicians? How should they dress to impress? Have you given it a thought? Let us see, what makes a politician meet up to the presentation standards in public life. There is no particular dress code for politicians, as such. Those who are running for public office need to look smart, helpful, and confident of his or her sayings and be marketable.

What are we looking for in our Politicians?

  • They should be approachable and calm. It is one of the pre-requisites. However, a word of caution here. Approachability and calmness, does not come from dressing up in jeans and a t-shirt with a party logo. It will be a bit disappointing for the supporters to accept their leader, in this manner.
  • Formal Attire does make an impression. You must have noticed foreign ministers turning up in suits, being considered as the most serious and professional beings? Yes, they never really set out in casuals on rallies or political party meetings.
  • In India, the khadi is the material mostly used by politicians. Gandhiji made it famous, isn’t it? Styles come and go. Dhoti, Long coats, Nehru jackets, Cotton sarees have been worn since ages, by our most revered politicians. Then there are Gilets, Achkans, Straight Pants, the Bandh Gala and now very recently, the Modi jacket. For women, it is the good old Salwar Kurti or Cotton Sarees. Handloom materials are the next possible choice for our politicians today.
  • Politicians have to take a lot of care, in how they dress up. They need to be presentable as well as convincing to make an impression on the masses. With the advent of social media, a wrong choice of attire for a politician can lead to been trolled online. So, most play safe, with white and beige being the preferred colour and khadi and kinds of cotton as fabrics.

Have you wondered why white is the preferred colour of clothing? It is a symbol of purity and righteousness. This is one of the main reasons.
Slowly, but surely our Indian politicians are becoming fashion conscious. They are ready to come out of the whites, beiges and the newly found blacks and browns.


Top Five Political Fashion Icons:


Hon’ble PM, Narendra Modi

Our very own honourable PM, Narendra Modi is one of the best dressed, among all the politicians today. The Modi jacket or half-sleeve kurta has become a fashion icon of sorts. Now, people are donning the jacket in various avatars in weddings as well as Indian parties. He has created a trend with his dark-coloured monogrammed suit. He is creating waves by experimenting with colours other than black, white or beige. You should have seen him in blue Matka silk Modi jacket recently, he was simply marvellous. He has hit the fashion button well, with his pinstriped shawl, safari suit and orange pashmina shawl.


Priyanka Gandhi

Next in line is Priyanka Gandhi, who has a personality and aura like no other politician in India. The Indira Gandhi swag and the being associated with the first family of Indian politics can be surely seen in her persona. She can effortlessly fit into sarees, long kurta, a skirt or trouser. Her short hair, pleasant smile and her aura are enough to rule hearts and the country.





Vasundhara Raje Scindia is another fashion icon in the political arena. The hint of royalty peeks through her dressing style. This beautiful and out-spoken lady seems to have the best of designer sarees, jewellery and leather bags, on her political expeditions. She seems to be obsessed with leheriyas, silks and chiffons. These fabrics must be keeping her cool, in the sweltering summer seasons.


Jyotiraditya Scindia

Jyotiraditya Scindia is another politician, among the young ones. His royal lineage is reflected in his dressing style. His choice of bandhgalas, well-fitted suits and the crisp white shirt, sure makes heads turn in political circles and party meetings.


Shashi Tharoor another politician, worth mentioning is a suave dresser. Being educated in London, his style and aura sure reflect his foreign education and upbringing. He is one of the best dressed Indian politicians. He marks his style with dapper coats, colourful kurtas and waistcoats. Though hailing from Kerala, you will rarely find him wrapped up in dhotis and Mundus, like other Keralites.

This election season let us count on the fashion statement that these politicians exude. So are we voting them on fashion?

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