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Summer Fashion Trends for 2018 – Cool looks to Beat the Heat

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Abhrajita Mondal. An HR professional and Budding Makeup artist from Kolkata.

The scorching summer is back and with a bang. Two weeks back the woollens were busy keeping you warm and now they are carefully wrapped up with naphthalene balls somewhere back, in deepest corners of the wardrobe. Summer is here to stay and your constant companion for next 10 months. You have already started facing the heat of the screeching sun mid-afternoon. Back to where we belong – Along the equator, in fact.

It is time again to dive into your summer wear and create a splash. The Fashion scene has made a number of developments along the way. To get the best looks for the year ahead, just browse through the melee’ of summer wear to beat the heat.

Polka Dots

Print-wise, Polka Dots are your go-to print this summer in light easy breezy fabrics like cotton and linen.  From small dots to huge ones, they are sure to take you a few centuries back, but, with a minimalistic fashion style that beckons.


Polka Dots



Checks are never boring, so I believe. Large or small, it does not differ. They are sure to stay and lend the cool vibes, as always.




Wear a lot of pastel blues like dusty pinks and powder blue and lavender for the soul. Wear them with dresses, shirts, tops and bottom-wear. They will surely reflect the sunlight away from your body.


Pantone Color trends – Hotness Alert

Browse through the pantone color chart and try every single shade on the wheel. Use it sparingly in the day time and be bold in the night. Pantone colour for 2018 is ‘Ultra Violet’, be it in garments or accessories. And, it will surely make heads turn.


# Trending – Fringes

We are not talking about your hair, but your dresses and tops. Yes, you are right! Fringes are IN.


Summer Floral Dresses

Be it, the Midi, or the Mini or the Maxi. They will be your constant companion this summer. The prints are undoubtedly floral, to speak.



They were and will be there, for generations to come. Be it Denim or cottons or lycra. They can hug your bottoms or cling to your thighs; length is just a matter of choice.


Pencil Skirts

You can give the tan a miss, with some nice colourful, floral or block printed pencil skirts, of knee length, which is suitable both as formal and as casuals.


Bags & Belts

Throw a nice big belt in solid colors on your dress, skirt or your shirt and make a fashion statement. Nice bum bags and belt bags are also trending this season. Slings are always in, for your knick-knacks.

Fashion accessories


Accentuate Shoulders

Cover them completely or leave them exposed. That is the mantra. Wear a lot of bell sleeves or fluffy sleeves, broad-shouldered tops and coats or let the shoulders pop-up in off-shoulders and cold-shoulders.

Why leave your feet behind, when you are creating fashion? Wear bright sneakers, ballerinas, moccasins in bright summery colors. Flip flops can also accentuate nicely pedicured feet.

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest store to create your very own Look Book for the season.

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