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Singer Jojo: exploring her life in other ways

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Jojo Mukherjee

Jojo, as the name itself, is enough her versatility has also hugely contributed to the music industry. We had the opportunity to interact with the famous singer Ms Jojo. She is more popular as Ms Jojo, and not her original name. The singer talks to Woman Times about a few things that are close to her heart.

WT: Tell us in brief about your journey in the singing industry?

Jojo: My journey in this singing industry goes back a long way. I started my journey when I was 6 years old. I had to do a lot of tiring hard work. My only plus point was that I belonged to a musical family. I had no other choice other than singing. Well, acting was also another choice. My parents used to sing. So, I had the opportunity to practice with them.

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WT: How is currently the Bengali music industry different then it was two decades back?

Jojo: Now, the music industry has changed a lot. There was no media hype, nor were so many channels there. There were not even reality shows. We had to sing at para contests. Then, we started participating in corporate events and ceremonies. Then, I got offers from movies and albums. I also sang a lot of jingles. Today singers are a lot privileged. They get a lot of help from the media.

WT: What according to you Miss Jojo is most famous for?

Jojo: Ms Jojo is famous for many things. And that is my name. Jojo is an uncommon Bengali name. The name was unique. Everybody wants to see Jojo now. People love me as a human as well, apart from my songs. I can connect with the public. Songs come later.

Jojo Mukherjee singer
Jojo in her first film Duranto Prem

WT: How did your family life and your career remained balance or do you think your family life has forced you to take less of professional work?

Jojo: I think I have been very lucky to have balanced both family and professional life. According to me, being a homemaker is not possible full-time. My work does not have any particular time. People like us need a lot of family support. Otherwise, I could not have done this. There are certain times when one has to choose. But I was lucky to have got favour from god. I have been able to balance my domestic life and my work life.

WT: Do you consider that being a versatile singer is far beneficial than being a generic singer?

Jojo: I am a versatile singer. This is very important. However, everyone has limitations. Everyone is bound in some way or the other. In order to be a playback singer, one should listen to various genres like ghazals and romantic songs. You can become versatile if you practice a lot. But still, there will be areas, when one excels more than the other.

WT: What are your upcoming plans?

Jojo: I have sung in many projects in this lockdown. I have sung for videos as well. And I have also done a short film called ‘Silence.’ There will be a national release as well soon. There are no other separate plans at the moment. Before the pujas, I may release a song of mine. I am not sure if I will be able to do it in this situation. I want to release a song with my daughter and one solo song.

WT: Any project which you desire could have been yours but you could not do?
Jojo: I don’t regret in such a manner. However, I have felt many times, that I could have sung a specific song better. However, I am happy with what I have. I am happy with what I have done until now.

WT: Any work in the music industry which you regret now?

Jojo: It almost the same as the last one. I desire to do a biography, being an actress and singer.

WT: The happiest moment in your life?

Jojo: The happiest moment was the day my daughter was born. There are many such moments. Then, last year my daughter celebrated my birthday in a great way. That also gave me a lot of happiness.

Mrinal Mukherjee and Jojo Mukherjee
Mrinal Mukherjee and Jojo Mukherjee (From father’s lap to an independent woman)

WT: Tell us about the works you have done so far that are close to your heart.

Jojo: A work which is close to my heart – singing for ‘Bandish Fusion.’ And, also my playback singing for ‘Bhole Na’ from Mon Mane Na. It’s a milestone. Another song that I sang for Rekha Ji ‘Kabhi Aar Kabhi Par’ is close to my heart.

WT: How do you feel about Motherhood?

Jojo: Motherhood is a different kind of feeling, like winning an Oscar. It is a difficult journey. A lot depends on the mother. A woman is taking part in this journey every day. There is no end to this journey. I am thankful to God, for such a beautiful daughter and a son.

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