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Sattu Peda: a nutritious sweet for sweet lovers

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Sattu ka Peda recipe

Sattu, a flour-like ingredient, can be called the powerhouse of energy. The staple food for Bihar and Jharkhand, Sattu has started gaining global popularity now. It has become a regular dietary practice in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, and almost everywhere now. This item is commonly available in the supermarkets or one can also prepare it at home. For that, all you need to do is roast the chana(gram), allow it to cool and grind the roasted chana. By sattu the first use of it that comes to our mind is Sattu ka Sharbat (Sattu drink). Doctors opine that this drink has a lot of protein in it and can protect you from sunstroke. But thanks to all the talented food enthusiasts that now we can taste it in many forms, even as a dessert after food.

Nutritional value of Sattu:

Sattu, a wholesome protein meal, is the first preference for the farmers and workers who works under the scorching sun. It provides instant energy, prevents lethargy, protects from heatstroke and also keeps them full throughout the day. This power-packed ingredient is rich know magnesium, iron, manganese and low on sodium. It works as a cooling agent which keeps all the organs comfortable. This is very effective for your intestines as well. It is a great agent to keep your metabolic cycle well managed. It cleanses the colon, controls constipation, flatulence, acidity and rejuvenates the entire digestive system.

Do you know this food has 65% carbohydrates and 20% protein in every 100 grams of it! Amazing right? Now another fact about this superfood that can make you a regular Sattu lover. It is very beneficiary for your skin and hair. It improves hair quality by providing oxygen to hair roots and it’s rich iron content controls the hair fall problem. As it helps in keeping people hydrated, it maintains the glow of the skin as well.

Here is my successful experiment with Sattu as a dessert. Presenting a quick and protein-filled sweet Sattu Ka Peda.

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Ingredients for Sattu ka Peda:

Cholar Chatu – 4 tbsp

Powdered Sugar – 4 tbsp

Ghee (preferably homemade or any brand that is available) – 1 tbsp

Cardamom powder (powdered) – 8-10 almonds


Take a bowl and mix the powdered sugar with ghee. Mix them to a creamy consistency. Then add the Sattu, cardamom powder and powdered almonds into it. Instead of cardamom, you can use any flavour of your choice. Now mix all the ingredients together and make a dough. Take a small portion of the dough and press it in any shape that you like. Gently press in the middle and fill it with the powdered almonds. You can also fill it with any dry fruit that you like. Your Sattu ka peda is ready.

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