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Sarees will always be a classic just you need the right one for right occasion

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Abhrajita Mandal
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Feminism is rocking and each passing day is giving birth to a new era and new direction to society. Women take a new birth at each stage of their lives.

Dipannita Roy a new age woman entrepreneur is no different. Having a hidden desire to start a boutique since long, the moment finally arrived a year ago at Bangur Avenue.

Inspiration: Dipannita wanted to do something of her own, but was not quite sure about it. Her dreams were taking shape slowly behind closed doors And finally,the day arrived when she launched her Boutique Mayurakshi a year ago from her premises. It was a dream come true and the joy of self-reliance was astounding. The baby was born. 

Currently, retailing sarees is her forte. She wishes to expand her business in the near future with Kurtis, costume jewellery and more. She wants to concentrate on women’s fashion. Dipannita also wishes to start a range of light-weight paper jewellery to suit every mood. She stocks a wide range of sarees to suit every occasion. You can find a variety of sarees at her boutique, ranging from day wear to evening or party wear. She has a wide range of sarees for this sultry summer season.

Let us see, what she has in store for us.

Day Wear/ Office Wear –

In the day wear segment,she has a wide variety of Cotton, Chanderi, Mulmul and Khadi Cotton sarees.

Cotton Sarees – It is one of the most breathable and summery fabrics, for our part of the globe. You can get a wide range of cotton sarees at various price ranges, to suit every pocket. These sarees are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. Tropical summers and cotton fabrics are incomplete without one another.


          Cotton sarees for summer day wear

Chanderi Sarees – This traditional saree made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh came into the fore in between the 2nd and 7th centuries. Chanderi come in a variety of fabrics, like pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. The Chanderi sarees are known by their peacock motifs, floral patterns and geometric designs. These are easily identifiable from the gold zari and brocade work. They are a desirable part of every woman’s wardrobe, due to the sheer texture and transparency. You can find a wide range of Chanderi sarees at Mayurakshi, in every possible hue and color.

Mulmul Sarees –The soft, fluffy, light weight and airy fabric is the perfect wear for the sultry afternoons. The mulmul sarees are finely woven to the extent, that they resemble silks. Mayurakshi has a wide range of mulmul sarees to suit every mood and pocket-friendly prices. You should visit them to feel the coolness of the sarees.

Khadi Cotton Sarees – We all know that Khadi is a versatile hand-woven fabric. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winters. Now, if Khadi and cotton come together, can you imagine the magic? You can not ask for anything better, than this. Dipannita has a wide spread, for all the saree lovers in the city.

Evening Wear –

In the evening wear segment, you can find a wide variety of Light Silk Jamdanis, Muga Tusser and Pure Silks.

Light Silk Jamdani – These fine, light-weight pure silk sarees are just perfect for an evening outing. With fine motifs all over and the master piece created out of the sheer blend of cotton and silk, it is sure to give you a heavenly look.


          Evening wear for summers

Muga Tusser – Muga as we all know, is a gift from Assam and is liquid gold. It is a strong fabric and one of the rarest in the world. Muga Tussers come in a wide range of colors and the fusion of muga and tusser creates magic. They are the perfect saree for party or evening war and make a bold statement.

Pure Silk – These silks have been passed on from one generation to another since, time immemorial. This age is no different. You can find a wide range of pure silks at Mayurakshi. The variety will just blow your mind.


Some cotton sarees with Aplyic and Hand Painting work

Blouses to Go With Your Saree –

Most of the sarees have blouses pieces. You can either get it made from the same fabric or go for the latest trends in blouses and mix and match them.

  • Contrast blouses are in trend currently. Pair checks and geometric prints with a saree of the opposite color on the color wheel.
  • Boat-necks and Princess-cut blouses are ruling the market.
  • Hand painted blouses are quite popular as well. You can also place orders for surface ornamentation, thread work and texturization of blouse fabrics, in the near future.

Hot Trends in Saree Drapes: “Go for the Mumtaz style or the Mekhla style for special evenings” says Dipannita.

For cool summer collections of sarees do not wait just grab the favourite summer fabric,  flaunt it and beat the summer. 

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