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Pubali: success came late but not denied

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Pubali Kundu
Born in a Bengali conservative family she was very disciplined and obedient. Pubali Kundu speaks of her childhood days and recalls some of the moments that changed her life forever. 

Pubali’s Childhood:

Pubali’s father was a mechanical engineer at DCL. She was less close to her father for the matter that he stayed abroad for his work. She recalls, as heard from her grandmother, that they were disappointed with a girl child but looking at her innocent pretty face they forgot everything and cherished her birth.
“My father exhausted all the money he had, just a few bucks to return home, buying sweets and distributing to the whole of hospital staff”, says the lady with a soft personality.
Going back to old days Pubali tells how she got advertisement offers for baby food advertisements only to be rejected by her grandmother. She smiles and says that the doctor who had delivered me is the same one under whom my son has been in his childhood. “My father has always been busy for his professional work and he got a chance to go to Philadelphia for official work. It was then when my school, B. D. Memorial School, was changing the session routine that we had a break for 3 months. I went to my father’s workplace in Philadelphia. Upon returning and joining School I came to know that there was a senior boy who has written me a letter expressing affection for me. My teacher made me understood that it was quite normal in that phase but I have to be careful in days ahead. The things soon became a matter of concern for my family and extended family. I was soon shifted to a local School. Leaving behind all my friends, and school structure it had been tough for me.” says Pubali as she relives her moments good and bad.

Her Life:

Pubali got many offers for advertisements but always turn them down. She also got an offer from Shantiniketan to study further but the same has again been rejected by her grandmother. Being afraid of leaving the girl child alone her family was scared or sceptical to let Pubali go alone. Though she regrets of the possible opportunities that she missed but also believes that her family love her a lot that make them possessive about her.
With her husband
With her husband

Pubali – her Marriage & Motherhood:

Amidst strict discipline and restrictions, she fell in love with her teacher. She did not have to struggle with her relationship as her choice comfortably matched with her families preferences. She was married at a tender age of 22 and now her son is studying in the third year of engineering at Vellore. Her husband, working as an executive engineer at PHE, has supported her immensely in all her endeavours. She has seen her mother not actively part of any decision making or sacrificed her life for the family as all the previous generation mothers have done. 
“I wanted a life of my own and I am thankful to my husband for supporting me in everything I do”, says the happy woman.
Pubali with her father and son
Her father and son. Her father is wearing a Panjabi painted by his daughter, Pubali.
Speaking about her motherhood Pubali says, “When my child, Samudra, was born I decided that I will not leave a stone unturned to guide him towards his goal. I took him to all the possible places that can fetch him positive results. Sending him to the best school and tuitions, I make sure that he gets every exposure that I dreamt of. While admitting to Vellore I single-handedly took him for counselling arranged his stay and other requirements. My husband later joined and when we were seeing him off I was literally in tears. Coming to home, made me feel incomplete without my son. I faced a vacuum in my life after my son, hence I decided to join a club near my house and a singing group there,” says Kundu.
Pubali and her talents
She is a good cook (left) and also a painter (right)

The Talented Lady:

Pubali was, since childhood, good at arts like painting, dancing as well as singing. She has learnt painting for a very short time but it shows her dedication and love for the art. Pubali starts exploring her old passion and joins the dance group. She is now very popular among her group members and despite her requests, she is compelled to be a part of the group. Everyone loves her as she is very soft, graceful and gives a patient hearing to all of them.

Gradually she was keeping herself busy with her passion. She has a group music album released to her credit. Later she came to know about a beauty pageant and joins the same. Soon she became a winner in her attempt to discover the self in a different way. She won the title of ‘Mrs Bengal 2019 The Most Glamorous Lady’ award in MMB 2019.
Pubali Kundu as Mrs Glamourous 2019
MMB Mrs Bengal – Mrs Glamourous 2019

From the day of her birth till today she has lived various phases of womanhood. In her own words, she describes her intention towards society and women at large. “I will really be happy to do something for society. I always believed that beauty e comes with a sense of responsibility. For me, human and nature equally matter. I have decided to to do something for them. I also have a beautiful garden at my home which I religiously take care of every day. Green is the oxygen for me and my creations.”


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