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Malai Aam: treat you Mango with love

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Malai Aam recipe

Summer is on and with that, the craving for mangoes begin. There are different types of mangoes, but do you know how nutritious is this fruit? A 100 gm of mango contains 60Kcal of energy, Vitamins, Potassium and many other important nutrients. So, here is my recipe of Malai Aam.

Ingredients of Malai Aam: (for 1 serving)

Mango – 2 pcs

Milk – 1/2 ltr


Sugar as per taste and requirement

Cashew Nuts – 10 pcs

Raisins – 1 handful

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Process for Kheer:

Take 1/2 ltr milk in a deep pan and boil it till reduces to half. Add sugar as per your taste. Some people prefer it very sweet and some restrict the sweetness. So, sugar should be as per a person’s taste and requirement. Stir well till it thickens. Pour it out and allow to cool.

Malai Aam
Malai Aam preparation

Process for Malai Aam:

Cut the upper portion of mango. Scoop the Mango and bring out the seed. Make a blend of mango, kheer and milk in a bowl. Then heat the bowl for 5 minutes until becomes sticky to make Malai. Keep away from the heat until transfer at normal temperature. Then, pour the blending mixture of Malai in the mango shell and add cashew nuts, raisins and cover it. Keep it in the fridge for 5 hours.  Ready to serve in this hot weather.

This can also be a great way to make milk interesting for children. You can add more nuts, almonds to make it nutritious.

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