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Make ‘Janata Curfew’ interesting with these tips

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make Janata curfew interesting
‘Janata Curfew’ is an appeal of the Government in the wake of the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Government is requesting all of us to stay indoors. When the whole world is suffering from the pandemic, a little step by us – by maintaining social distancing-we can stop the spread of this virus. But sometimes being quarantine can also be boring. So here are some tips for you to make the ‘Janata Curfew’ or indoor days fun and interesting –

1. Play your childhood games in this ‘Janata Curfew’:

Do you remember your childhood days – the games you and your cousins played? All of them were not outdoor games. There were many indoor games as well – pass the card (ram shyam jodu modhu), playing cards, ludo, chess, Chinese checker (make sure that it does not have the virus), monopoly, tic tac toe and more.
Teach your kids these games and enjoy a family game time. Utilise this ‘Janata Curfew’ to spend quality time with family.

2. Follow your passion (an opportunity during ‘Janata Curfew’):

We all like doing something creative. It may be singing, dancing, cooking, drawing or playing your favourite musical instrument.
If you love singing then download a karaoke app from Google play store, play your favourite track and start singing.
If you are a dance lover, wear your ghungroo and tap your feet with the rhythm of each beat. You can also make short videos of your dance and post it on social media.
We all, in our childhood, have drawn the infamous model landscape – two mountains, a flowing river, a house and of course birds flying in the sky. So why not revive your drawing skills again and post it on social media using the #revivingchildhood.

3. Cook an unplanned recipe this ‘Janata Curfew’:

Have you ever tried cooking something unplanned? If not then just dash into your kitchen, see the available ingredients and create your own signature style recipe.

4. Do a makeover (of yourself/or any family member):

It’s always fascinating to see yourself in a new avatar. Open your make up kit, beautify yourself in any way you wish, pick up your favourite outfit and start taking selfies.
If you are in a fun mood then do the makeup on anyone else of your family or on your pet.

5. Watch any show or read any book:

If you are a bed lover like me, then just turn on your favourite movie or show or start watching random YouTube videos. You can also go through the old books that you haven’t touched for a long.

6. Like and subscribe to our web-magazine:

Yes! We are always up with something that you are going to love. So stay tuned with us to make these isolation days not so boring.

7.  Online games:

If you are alone and do not have any partner you may play games online. There are plenty of games like Coffee World, PubG, Teen Patti, Crime World and more. You can have a virtual partner and play Ludo, Chess, and other games too.

8. Wash your hands:

So after reading all the 7 points, it’s time to wash your hands. Even washing hands can be fun. Start singing different songs each time you wash your hands. Or search on YouTube for interesting soap DIY to make your soap unique. Or you can make a Tiktok video while washing your hands. This way you will get the likes and others will get influenced.
Nothing is boring if you have the mood to make it interesting. Social distancing is not always bad. You just need to find the perfect ways of dealing it. Be home. Be with your family and let’s pray together so that the pandemic disappears from our Earth.
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