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Lockdown Diaries With Moubani Sorcar

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Moubani sorcar an actor

Lockdown has twisted all of our lives, sometimes pushing us to depression and other times teaching us a lesson. We are all trying to cope up with this, but how are the celebrities coping up with it? Read as I explore Moubani Sorcar’s lockdown days. Here the name Moubani Sorcar will be initialised as MS.

AM: So, what were you doing today?
MS: I am busy with a song, that will release soon. In fact, I was trying to complete the song today. It is a motivational song. Many filmmakers have contacted me, and have asked me to present something in front of the audience. Covid-19 has challenged all of us. We, as society’s entertainers are trying to challenge Covid-19. We have decided not to let the smile vanish from the lives of our audiences. In this COVID19 lockdown, we have become very innovative. We are all trying to bring changes in our life.

AM: What has the Novel Corona Virus taught us?
MS: We are all nature’s child. However, we have neglected nature. We are facing this as a repercussion of our actions. No matter whether it is natural or manmade, COVID has shown what humans are capable of doing. We have started creating destruction all over, in our own little ways. All creative people should try and nurture creative beauty. We have to scare the fear of death. COVID has challenged wealth. Today, wealth cannot counter COVID. That is a learning lesson.

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AM: How are you trying to contribute as an artist?

MS: Many families are not able to get access to food. Health workers are fighting day and night. People are frantically looking for vaccines. There is a positive spirit in the air. Artists from all eras should come forward to build the earth and each other once again. This will create a beautiful society. The coming months will show us the way. Only, we can do it together. Those who occupy important positions should aim to uplift society. Internet might also crash. Schools and creative ventures are using the internet heavily. Many say, that the internet might crash due to heavy usage. Then, we will be left to fend for ourselves. We are the creator of everything, including Covid-19. We should try to bring the creative being out from the background. My father says, ‘Let’s make the impossible possible.’

AM: What about your movies?

MS: Three of my films were supposed to release. Now the theatre release is not possible. However, the web-platform is going to serve us most probably. Earlier, we never purchased things thoughtfully. We purchased things which we never used. Now, we can understand, that we can live with bare essentials only. At least, that is what we are doing now. Where are the luxuries taking us? Nowhere. The environment is one of them. Now, we will start nurturing animals and plants. We have started understanding mother nature.

AM: What are you doing, to keep yourself engaged?

MS: I am doing a lot of creative things. I am painting and reading books. I am currently reading the book “Theory Of Emotions”. It is a good read. The writer has said, that we are the ones to formulate emotions. However, I beg to differ as we are becoming emotionally weak. We are trying to take help from what we have. I went out grocery shopping a day back. The environment has become so dull and silent. It is suffocating, because of the mask on top of that. I can’t even smile. What is the point of smiling, if no one can see it?

Moubani Sorcar an actor
Moubani Sorcar

The situation is forcing us to get creative. We must try to create more opportunities. Till date, we thought that the web world is bad. However, we have managed to find old friends. The web world has good and bad sides.

AM: Please tell us about the book launch ‘Rainbows Unlimited’.

MS: I had a cover release very recently. I met a lot of my old friends. In fact, all my near and dear ones came. The book is based on the colours of the rainbow and how we relate it to the colours of our life. It was as if, we were all destined to meet before this lockdown. Everything is pre-destined. Now, I am a firm believer in destiny. Pre-booking link is not available from publishers. Once the lockdown is removed, we can deliver. The book will be apt for the post
lockdown situation.

AM: Tell us about your forthcoming movies?

MS: My movies Swapno O Bastab and Memsaab are awaiting release.

AM: Any message for the society?

MS: I believe, that man is a unique creation. You have to do something from your end to make life more meaningful. Nobody, but you can make it happen.

Moubani Sorcar is an actor, painter and a voracious reader. Her first debut film was Badla, where she acted opposite to Prasenjit Chatterjee. She is also the recipient of Fashion Achievers’ Awards organised by Woman Times in association with Irani Mitra (TM). Keep watching the space for more such lockdown diaries till then signing off.

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