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Know these 3 winter fashion trends to rock your wardrobe

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Abhrajita Mandal
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So, winter has officially arrived. All of you fashionistas out there, pull up your socks and get that winter look today. The sun occasionally arises just to protect you from the chilly breeze. It is nothing more than two or three months, so let us make the most of it. Dig into your wardrobe and take out those woollens, nicely preserved with naphthalene balls and you are good to go or so you thought. But times have changed, fashion weeks are evolving and the fashion scene is on the upswing.

Leather is Making Heads Turn

The question that comes is, whether the leather jacket is enough or it has to be accessorized. Layer them up and you are ready to flaunt it. There are different kinds of leather to be precise. Real leather is warm and will fit your body like a glove. You can go for oversized leather jackets, which can be worn over jumpers and long sleeve shirts. Leather jackets with zippers can be your companion, this winter. If you are feeling warm, just unzip or else keep it zipped till your neckbone. That will do the trick. Knitted winter wear and leather boots go well with leather jackets.

The right combo – leather jacket, knitwear, vest, jeans, boots, and scarves.

You can even team a leather jacket, with a shirt underneath or a cardigan and a leather pencil skirt. Do not forget the muffler, though.

  • Velvet – That is Perfect this Winter

You are already aware of the reasons, why velvets are the best. It is warm, dark colours absorb the heat around you, It will make you appear warm and cosy. It is a multi-dimensional fabric. You can overdress or you dress in a subtle manner, with velvet. Velvets come in dark hues that make you add oomph and also makes you look elegant. There are numerous reasons to love this winter fabric.

You can spice up your workwear by pairing a velvet suit, velvet pants, and a cool white shirt. It adds power to your look and makes you feel in command.

Velvet is a luxury fabric, that can make heads turn if donned as a dress, a jacket or as a jumpsuit. There are endless possibilities.

  • Turtle Necks – Comforting and Warm
Turtle neck sweater

A turtle neck can be made from a variety of materials. Sweaters are the first thing that comes to mind. It can be a t-shirt as well. It can be a casual affair and a corporate one if you so desire. These are versatile attires. You can pair up a turtle neck with jeans, cropped pants, another sweater or cardigan or just about anything.

There are more ways to wear a turtle neck than you could ever imagine.

Top Tip – Wear your turtle neck with a striped shirt, wear an oversized long jacket and flared pants. Layering is the key factor here.

This winter, try these top 3 looks and feel the heat. You cannot go wrong with these combinations!!

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