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Baked layer Simai: love in all layers

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baked layer simai

Baked layer Semai is a sweet dish where every layer unfolds a different flavour. A healthy and baked dish suitable to serve as a dessert when you have guests at home.

Ingredients for Baked layer Simai:

Semai or Vermicelli (two different colours) – 750 gms

Butter – 1/2 cup

Mozzarella cheese – 1 cup

Chana (homemade cheese) – 1 cup

Cashew (Kaju badam) – for garnish

Rosewater or Golap Jol – 1/2 tsp


For caramelised sugar – 1 cup water and 1/2 sugar

Process: Take a deep pan. Boil the sugar in water until it thickens and becomes sticky.


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Baked Layer Semai Ingredients
Baked Layer Semai Ingredients

Process for Baked layer Simai:

Take a microwave bowl and grease it. Keep it aside. Now take bot the coloured semai and crush it with hands. Take butter and smear well with the semai. Also, knead the chana well alone ina separate bowl so that it becomes soft. Now, take the semai mixed with butter and form a layer on the greased bowl. Press it well. Then again form a layer of the chana on the top, and on that another layer of cheese. Press the layers well to set it. Finally, form another layer of the semai.

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees, and bake for 5 -7 minutes. Demould the semai and pour the sugar on the top of it. Keep it for some time and garnish it with Cashew nuts. You can also garnish it with pistachio.


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