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Aabid – a short film on terrorism

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Aabid short film

India is going through a chaotic phase where all its citizens are uncertain of the future. The unemployment was already a persistent problem, which has doubled with crores of job losses. Under such a situation crime seems to an easy weapon to kill the helplessness. Taking this subject forward Tuhin Barua and Anamitra Sarkar have jointly directed the short film, Aabid. On 23rd June 2020, this short film will be released worldwide on Youtube.

A scene from Aabid
A scene from Aabid

The short film promises its audience to keep gripped till the end. The film is a story of a terrorist who disguises himself as a teacher in a village school. There 10 children who have acted in this film and the teamwork is the biggest strength for the film. The children acting in the film is sure to make the audience feel goosebumps. Anamitra Sarkar is the protagonist of the film playing the role of the teacher. Apart from him, actors like Soumyadeep Das, Ayush Mukherjee, and Swapnoneel Barua have acted in it. To know the end one must watch the film.

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The teacher is injecting the poison of taking up weapons against the nation. Director Tuhin Barua says, “The time is very exasperating and people are afraid of the uncertainty ahead. The whole world has turned upside down with the Corona playing the role of an invisible enemy of humanity. In the wake of such a situation, our short film speaks how a terrorist comes in the disguise of a teacher to brainwash the children, teaching them ‘Jehad’.”

The film is sure to leave a mark on the audience and with children working on the project this shall surely be a treat in the days of lockdown.


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