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Poulami Chakraborty November 12, 2019

Woman Times Desk, 11th November 2019 – I-glam and Rubaru has organised a press meet at the press club yesterday to announce the auditions for Mr India and Miss India Elite. Among the many guests present were Tuhina Pandey.

Devjani, the MD of I-glam and East India Director with Rubaru says, “On 13th July 2019 we conducted Mrs India contest where Tuhinaa won the award for Best Timeless Beauty. We are again coming up with Mr India and Miss India Elite with 20 participants each and Tuhinaa will be one of the state co-ordinator for the project.”

Tuhinaa Pandey speaking at the Press Conferences

Tuhinaa Pandey speaking on the event, “It is an honour and privilege for me to be a apart of the I-glam Rubaru platform once again. Last time I was a contestant in Mrs India 2019 and was titled as Mrs Timeless Beauty. I will be one of the groomer for the peageant and also one of the State Directors.”

Tuhinaa Pandey has done a comeback with this platform few months back which she is fully utilising for contributing to the society.

As she says, “I have been working as the Administrative Director in an organisation and always wanted to give back to the society in my possible ways and after 1996 Miss Bengal peageant I found I-glam Rubaru to be an authentic and a genuine way to fulfill my dreams once again.”

Tuhinaa Pandey has been actively working towards her goal of contributing her share of knowledge and expertise to this industry. More years and power to the woman.

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