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Poulami Chakraborty November 4, 2019

Woman Times Desk, 4th November 2019

Goddess Durga is a symbol of power and synonymously women are the powerful ones in the society holding strong to the households and creating their own identity together thereby contributing to the society in their own way.

Recently, Woman Times Privilege Club organized Bijoya Sammilani at Spring Onion restaurant with full pomp and glory depicting the victory of the deity in its full power and awe. Special guests to ignite the event were Pandit Mallar Ghosh, Internationally renowned Rhythm Maestro and Music Composer; popular folk singer, Tirthasundar Biswas; and Mallika Ghosh, well known Recitor. The whole event was supported by Priti Chakraborty, owner of the Spring Onion. Last but not the least, another guest who was the witness to the entire program was Hemant Marda, owner of Vibrant Holiday Destinations.


The show started with the most common starter of Bengalis, i.e. ‘Jhaal Muri’ that we often tend to forget in this modern times. The musical adda started with songs sung by club members followed by Tirthasundar Biswas music accompanied by Pandit Mallar Ghosh. Mallika Ghosh recited beautiful and mesmerising poetries and the club members danced to the tunes of Pandit Mallar Ghosh and Folk singer Tirtha.

Some shared their experiences of love during their youth, while some recollected their Durga Puja. It was an extensive adda with a cultural milieu. The club is thinking in terms of special activities to contribute to the society.

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