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Poulami Chakraborty October 18, 2019
Poulami Chakraborty

Kouzina means ‘Kitchen’ and Marine is the theme that they have used for their restaurant. Situated in Salt Lake and just being a year old the restaurant has already created its own hype in the city with its theme and food. Serving more than 100 customers every day, the quality remains the same. Let us take a look into the details.



The interiors of Kouzina Marine

A restaurant is not just what it offers but it is also the ambience that matters. A thematic marine world with curated vegetarian menu, the submarine looks a real-world of water biodiversity. Each seating corner has a LED to show the water world. The utensils and the walls successfully represent the submarine ambience. The iron setup gives a perfect feel of the theme. The tables are also made of iron, and the table salt containers seem to be the stones present underneath the ocean.

The team of Woman Times Pujo’r Shera Restaurant Awards was enthralled to see the welcome gesture and the vibes that the restaurant was emitting out.


The Cottage Cheese Steak with Rice & sautéed Vegetables

Upon settling down at one of the tables, they first served Blue Lagoon as a welcome drink. The drink was quite normal and hence did not fetch special mention as such. The Cottage Cheese Steak with Rice & sautéed Vegetables was the platter that can suffice for an individual’s lunch, sufficient in quantity and tastes excellent. A platter that is nutritious and delicious at the same time. Next came the assorted Kebabs Platter that had all kinds of vegetarian kebabs and despite being vegetarian the taste was uncompromised.

The amazing thing about the restaurant is that they serve Jain food which means the food remains appetizing without the use of onion and garlic. To close the gastronomic ceremony, they served the Princess of all dessert, ‘Cheesecake’. The cheesecake was very balanced not too sweet to make you feel sugary but the presence of all the flavours was balanced and a perfect end to the menu.



Jury Comments:

Riju Das, renowned Chef says, “Good veggies joint. Kebab platter is fantastic. Ambience resembles as the name suggests. It has a very comfortable and cosy atmosphere.”

Mimi Das, the social worker, says, “They are well mannered and have a warm welcome for their guests. The Chefs are really good, and the menu they have prepared with vegetarian food is really good. I really liked the kebabs and their varieties.”

“One of the relatively new vegetarian restaurants with good theme well-designed quality crockery and wonderful food. I loved their Cottage Cheese Steak with Rice & Sauteed Vegetables,” says Vegetarian Food Blogger, Prity Poddar.

The restaurant is famous for its global cuisine wrapped in vegetarian flavour; Chef Akash Yadav makes all the efforts to keep the menu up to the customer satisfaction with innovations now and then. Their main dishes that are most popular are different sizzlers they have. They have an online delivery system and one may order any dish online but it is highly recommended to come to the place to enjoy the food with the free astounding ambience. A well-themed place where each corner becomes a selfie zone right from the time you step before the nameplate you have access to different frames for clicking photographs.

Happy Dinning!

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