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Poulami Chakraborty October 16, 2019

Woman Times Desk, 15th October 2019The festive of Durga Puja has become a vital reason for celebration in the East and with a market of 10,000 crores, one feels the festivity everywhere. Starting from the theme Pujas to the delicious snacks each moment of the 5 days is filled with the exotic feeling of being a Bengali. Amidst everything, there is a section that we tend to forget and here the Troyee Foundation and Hartaki Bagan Pujo Committee have joined hands to celebrate the ‘Dashami’ with 100 women who are never invited otherwise through the program ‘Ami Shimontini’.

All the women were given saree, alta, sindur and oil to celebrate the occasion. Some of the women are school ayas, domestic help, vegetable sellers etc. 

Mimi Das, a social activist; Kaushik Das, OC Headquarters Lalbazar, and others were present to witness the occasion. Asking Mimi Das about her experience she says,

“It was a real pleasure to be a part of such an initiative as throughout the year I have been doing various social activity programs but to see women who are never called in such a way is great. This is a great way to spread the message of equality where every woman is important for the society. I hope many such events keep happening and we hold the hands of every woman to come, celebrate and survive in our society.” 

Shree Ghatak, the founder of Troyee Foundation has been taking initiatives for the overall development of the society. Such steps will make a neutral and equal society in the days to come.

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