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Poulami Chakraborty October 14, 2019

Are you a momo lover? Do you love Chinese? Do you miss hills food? Then there is one solution to all the three problems – ‘The Blue Poppy – Thakali’.

Riya Chakraborty
Deputy Editor

Situated in the posh area of Ho Chi Minh Sarani, The blue poppy Thakali has its own identity, reigning the modern gastronomy.


The Blue Poppy Thakali is one of its kinds in Kolkata. This restaurant has bought the fresh air and aroma of the Himalayan range with it. Before entering the restaurant, there are prayer bells on the right side. This beautifully and succinctly holds up the tradition of praying before having meals. From this point, your roller coaster ride to the hills begins. On entering the restaurant, the whole ambience and aura welcome you in the traditional way of the hills. Breathing in the redolence of freshly baked momos and your acoustic sense being gratified by the soft Nepali music, you can feel the authentic ambience of the hills. The sitting section is divided into two halves- the regular chair table section and the other portion, partitioned by a wooden lattice, where you can sit on the floor, on the cushions around low tables. The decor of the place with bright orange walls, cane chandeliers, lamps and antiquities entails the saga of the Himalayas.  The dishes are served in bamboo baskets which add beauty to the entire arrangement.



When the lid off the bamboo basket will be taken off, you will get the amazing smell of the variety of momos. I will start with my own favourite Aloo cheese open momos. They look like cute little open flowers with aloo and cheese stuffing act as the stigma of the momos. As you put it inside your mouth, your taste buds will be overwhelmed when the soft momos will touch them and as soon as your teeth cut the momo, the aloo and cheese will melt in your mouth giving you heavenly pleasure. This is the innovation of Chef Sachiko Seth, the co-owner of the restaurant.

The Blue Poppy Thakali provides you with Chinese, Tibetian and Nepali cuisines, along with the innovation by both the owners of the place. The Traditional Tibetan noodle soups like thukpa, thenthuk, and men tse-tse shares space with Indo-Chinese supplements like hot and sour, and sweet corn soup. Paro Pork- a dish from our neighbouring country of Bhutan, you will enjoy the smokiness of the pork along with the radish pickle

Banana Nutella Pancake

The other must-tries include Shaphaley- ‘Sha’ meaning chicken and ‘Phaley’ meaning roti. “This is a quick and tasty snack where chicken are draped with a cover of roti. I always prefer to take Shaphaley wherever I go”, says Doma Wang, the founder of The Blue Poppy Thakali. The fastest-moving dishes are Vegetable Thenthuk, Sel Roti, Banana Nutella Pancake, Kothey etc. And when you will dip your momos in the sauces that they made by themselves, you quench for momos will be truly satisfied.

An average of Rs. 600 approximately for two people, The Blue Poppy Thakali will welcome each customer in their traditional way and will make you fall in love with the multifarious momos.

The Blue Poppy Thakali can be a perfect place for your evening gathering, where the ambience of the intimate sitting area will make you more comfortable to enjoy the feast and the foods will satisfy your taste buds.

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