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Poulami Chakraborty October 12, 2019

Woman Times Desk, Dubai – For Bengalis, there is no fun without chaos or ‘hoi-hullor’. That’s how ‘HULLOR -DUBAI’ was born.

During this year’s Durga Puja, Hullor-ians have transformed ‘City of Dreams’ to ‘City of Joy’. A group of 30 families came together to showcase their true spirit of ‘Bangaliana’, by celebrating ‘Durgotsav’ in this distant land.

Starting from Sashthi to Dashami, all the rituals were performed as per Bengali tradition in a five star property – located in the heart of Dubai. With the melodious beats of dhaak, sound of conch shells, gongs, chanting chandi path and waving of ceremonial lamps – ‘Uma’ was welcomed along with her full family. Starting from ‘bodhon’, ‘nobopotrika’, ‘kumari pujo’ to ‘sondhi pujo’, ‘hom’, ‘sindur khela’ – Every ritual was performed according to Indian panjika.


The 5ft tall ek-chala mrinmoyee pratima from Kumar Tolle, Kolkata was the main attraction during puja days for all the visitors. The Puja Mondop and the whole structure is made by the in-house team of Hullor. Whereas, another team was responsible for daily bhog distribution and assisting the priest for everyday’s puja rituals. Also, credit must be given to the hall-management team for managing significant crowd during puja days.

A myriad of delicacies for food lovers was available for all five days during puja. They were having mouth-watering options to juggle between Bengali and continental food items. From warm Khichuri to Papad Bhaja, Rui Mach er Kaliya to Kosha Mangsho, Roshogolla to Baked Yogurt – They had plenty of reasons to put a huge smile on every epicure’s face.

Near about 500 guests inclusive of both Bengalis and Non-Bengalis have visited this festive event. Hullor team tried to provide a platform for both amateur and professional artists to showcase their talent. Every evening was studded with cultural programs – Dramas like ‘Obak Jolpan’ & ‘Bagh Nokh’, dance performances by little Hullor-ians, Antakshari and many more. Few games like ‘Boshe Anko’, ‘Sankha’, ‘Ulu’ competitions were also organized by the cultural team which brought back the nostalgic memories of Durga Pujo for everyone.

On this note, “Asche bochor abar hobe…”

1 thought on “When Bengalis gather ‘City of Dreams’ gets converted to ‘City of Joy’

  1. Very well penned.
    But I would also add that it was much more as I was part of the whole experience.
    I would say that this Durga Puja was a reason for better bonding, nurturing relationship & bringing out your best to out of constructive competitiveness.

    Kudos to the lively vibrant Hullorians 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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