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Poulami Chakraborty October 3, 2019
Riya Chakraborty
Deputy Editor

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, has some common adjectives that describe the city of joy for most of the non-Kolkatans- Roshogolla, Durga Pujo and Rabindranath. These three tops the list if you ask someone outside Kolkata to describe the city in one word. Kolkata is known for its ancient heritage, aristocracy, rich culture and the delicious Bengali cuisines. And who would want to miss all these features served in one plate with the touch of Rabindra Sangeet as a desert?

Sonar Tori, a restaurant positioned inside City Centre 1 mall of Kolkata and also in Raichak, is a place where you can witness the extravaganza. A fine dining restaurant which entails a story as soon as you open the gate. When you go into the restaurant, you will feel like entering an ancient Bengali Zamindars’ house, with minute details that will mesmerise you at each point. Starting from the banana tree to Maa Kali’s photo frame, the old typewriter, the Jhul Verandah (Hanging Balcony) to the antique and exquisite decor, Sonar Tori will definitely give you the feel of ancient Bengal. There’s a unique aroma of Dhoop which makes you pure and calm from within. The sumptuous chandeliers, the glimmering ambience, the exotic decor everything is fashioned in congruence to the Zamindars’ mansion that Rabindranath Tagore has mentioned in his writings. And the enthralling Rabindra Sangeet will make you dine more memorable. The grandiose that the Jhul Verandah adds to this place makes it a whole square.


Hing Koraishutir Tikki

Bengali cuisine has a special place among the gourmets worldwide. And when you have that authentic Bengali flavour, it will give you a proper pleasure of having fine dining. “Sonar Tori is trying to bring back the lost recipes of ancient Bengal, the delicacies that have charmed everyone in old days”, says Chef Bhaskar Dasgupta. Sonar Tori serves classic and quintessential Bengali cuisines with the special touch that makes it very different from other eateries.

As Bengali’s are always conscious about their taste buds, here you can have the authentic taste of every dish. The use of mustard, that makes a Bengali’s meal complete, when the paste is added to Kasundi, it develops a sweet and sour pungency that is nose-tinglingly memorable. And the menu consists of Pur Bhora Bhetki, Shorshe Chanar Bora, Hing Koraishutir Tikki, Murgir Ghoti Kebab, Narkol diye cholar daal, kosha alur dom with phulko luchi. Wait! This is only a few starters. Among the fastest moving dishes, they offer a Thali- Mochar Polao, Mangsher Bhuna, Mochar Aamshol, Daab Tulsir Torkari, Chingrir Malaikari, Lote maacher jhuri bhaja with chutney payesh and rosogolla as desserts.

Murgi’r Ghoti Kebab

Sonar Tori has designed their menu assimilating Epar Bangla (West Bengal) and Opar Bangla (Bangladesh) together. Even some delicacies from different parts of Bengal have been added in this luscious menu list. They have portrayed a perfect blend of the culinary mix.

They offer you the ‘achaar’ (the pickles) which they make themselves, thus offering you with the most healthy, authentic and pure pickle that will make your tongue tangy.

In a regular budget, you can enjoy a great dining time with your loved ones, feeling nostalgic about ancient Bengal, with the decor, detailing, aroma, music and the way the foods are served in the bronze utensils.

Though they have an online delivery system, no one should miss the opportunity to witness the ancient Bengal (in miniature form).

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