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Poulami Chakraborty October 2, 2019
Riya Chakraborty
Deputy Editor

Sanjha Chulha- a name for one of the leading restaurant chains in Kolkata, is reigning the food industry in the city of joy for more than 17 years. Sanjha Chulha is a well known dine out a place for many and a nostalgic hangout place for the middle-aged group of people now. 

As you enter the place you are welcomed by a magnificent setting, a cosy interior and not to forget the special Pind, a section at first floor for family or working crowd. Sitting in any table you have a wonderful view of the city. 
The menu offers a wide variety of succulent and mouth-watering dishes. Sanjha Chulha provides you with the authentic taste of North Indian cuisine. “Till now we stand as the sultan of Indian and Mughlai dishes”, says Chef Md. Maqsood. 
Afghani Tangri Kebab

The authentic taste of North India is reflected in dishes like Chicken Kebab, Afghani Tangri Kebab, Chicken Changhezi that are also among the fastest moving dishes and should definitely be in your menu.

But they are not only confined to North Indian dishes but also have the diversified sweet and sour Chinese delicacies as well. From crispy lip-smacking starters like Shezwan Chilli Babycorn, Pan-fried chilli paneer, Drums of heaven to the full plate main courses like Kung Pao Mushroom, Devil’s vegetable and a lot more, yet within a regular budget. With an average of Rs. 500 for two people, Sanjha Chulha provides all the delicacies, both Indian and Chinese, within a middle-sized budget. 
As far the service is concerned, you will find someone or the other always around catering to the needs of the customers. So for a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours, a visit to Sanjha Chulha is a must.
Chicken Changezi

This was about the ambience and food for which the customers actually go to a restaurant and Sanjha Chulha is already ruling in a top position in both the fields. But there is another story that Sanjha Chulha has come up with- Food ATM. We all know the importance of food. We visit a fancy restaurant to have meals with our friends, family and other social acquaintances and connections. There is a bad habit among many of us to leave unfinished food in the plate. Generally, we try in our homes that the waste of food in the form of leftover should be minimized, but surprisingly when we are attending some marriage or party, we forget all this. The waste of food in city parties has become a common occurrence. It has increased even more after the start of the buffet system. Where different surveys and researches show different statistics of people who remain hungry per day, near about 22% Kolkatians do not get a one-time meal that, on an average, is wasted per day in Kolkata. 

The concept is that Sanjha Chulha has installed 2 food ATMs outside their outlets – Byepass and CIT Road. “We request our guests not to throw away their food into dustbins but donate it instead. When there is leftover food, we pack them, keep them in containers and put it into the Food ATM”, says the owner Asif Ahmed. They have also tied up with many organisations who donate food for the needy through the Food ATM. Even the local households also contribute to the Food ATM, when they have extra food after the party. And they distribute these foods to the needy thrice a day.
So in this way, Sanjha Chulha, who is reigning the food industry for so many years, also has beautifully fulfilled their social responsibility and has paved the way so that there is no food wastage. 
They have four branches in the city – CIT Road, Southern Avenue, E.M. Byepass, Salt Lake.

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  1. Great job done by Sanjha Chulha for the customers as well as for the needy people. A great salute to the team of Sanjha Chulha…

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