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Poulami Chakraborty October 1, 2019
Riya Chakraborty
Deputy Editor

The city of Joy has always been very instrumental in presenting different cuisines from all over the world to a single platter and choosing the best has been the task of WOMAN TIMES PUJO’R SHERA RESTAURANT AWARDS 2019 but it was not a competition merely selecting the best but a discovery of unique restaurants with their peculiar USPs. As we talk about Expressive Expresso, that grabbed the ‘BEST CAFE RESTAURANT AWARD’ this year, we will find out the variety and uniqueness that it has gifted the evergreen foodie city.

When the car slowed down near 100 Monohorpukur, the glittering name caught all the attention. It reads Expressive Expresso.
On entering the long passage, you can get a beautiful green background which entails the beauty of nature. Stepping up on the stairs a Grafitti wall provides you with a perfect background for photography. Inside the café, you can witness beautiful rustic hemp rope lamp and rope chandelier with a roadside view, a calm and quiet place for a lovely meal.
Ricotta and Spinach Stuffed Grilled Chicken with herb dry

An amazing thing about Expressive Expresso is that while the divey atmosphere makes you fall in love with the place, Chef Munshi and Chef Dibyendu will definitely amaze you with the taste of their hands which they sprinkle on the food.

Expressive Expresso serves Continental, Oriental and Bengali cuisine.
The most eye-catching and unique feature of this café is that they have included, among other dishes, Doi Chire, Office Para Style Bread Omlet etc in their breakfast menu. Amazing right? Yes, here you get to taste the authentic Bengali breakfast that would make you nostalgic.
With an approximate of Rs.600 for two people, here you can enjoy some unique fusion of world cuisines, that will grab you again for the place.
Among their fastest moving dishes are Panko Fried Prawns with Wasabe mayo, Prawns Tom soup, Calcutta style chicken stew with a twist – the twist is her you get the Calcutta style long bread slice cut into half and fried in butter, Mediterranean spiced chicken skewers etc.
These are the dishes you should definitely include in your menu for having an authentic taste of each dish.
Chef Rongon Neogi says,
Panko Fried Prawns with Wasabi mayo

“A newly born café, Expressive Expresso is a European style café with a unique menu and all the dishes are really tasty.”

Food Curator Sulekha Bhadra says,
“Expressive Expresso entails a story of a perfect blend of exquisite environment, fresh light and tasty food.”
Fashion Designer Irani Mitra adds, “It serves healthy and tasty food.”
A café owned by Antara Guha Kundu and Sreeparna Dutta, Expressive Expresso has its own story. Come to witness their story and taste the different dishes.

1 thought on “Kolkata finds a new destination for European style Cafe, Expressive Expresso

  1. Your description about the cafe, certainly evokes a desire to visit a great destination especially when its close to your house and the Tridhara pujo. Having been the former marketing head for the Taj group of hotels in Colombo, when I visit a new eatery, I see for a few indications of greatness. Lets see what happens when I visit.

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