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In today’s age, women are achieving zeniths in all fields, but have we been able to justify the journey, let us all think about it! And while you think here is a woman who is courageous and breaking stereotypes in a male-dominated profession, and she is Rupa Chowdhury. For the uninitiated, she is the first woman to be recruited as a Swiggy food delivery girl, where she joined in 2018. This is not all, she is also the first woman to be taken in as Ola bike-taxi driver where she joined in March 2019 and has also joined the bike-taxi app Rapido.

Rupa with her son

Challenges are a way of life for this gutsy lady and coming from a family of five, including two sisters and parents, she has faced issues and difficulties at home from the time her mother fell ill. She was just 5 years old then. However, the fighter in her kept it going and after matriculation, she started working to add to her family income. Rupa is one woman, who is like us, she has hidden desires and the will to do something different but all had remained suppressed within her. She had a keen interest in cycling, mobile repairing and computers. So, she started working in mobile repairing to start with.

The petite lady first took up biking in 2016 for leisure. After the death of her parents and sister, she struggled to make ends meet. She has a failed marriage behind her and a son who stays with his father. However, there is no pulling down this lady who has decided to fight it out. Her day starts at 8.30 am in the morning and ends at around 2 am. Yes, you read it right. That is quite a long day for work. But there is no stopping for the lady who has tied the fighter belt around her for not just survival but her identity as well.

Rupa shares her experience with us saying that, “The first time I got a booking on the Ola app, I was overwhelmed. And, my first customer was even more astonished to see me, a woman behind the wheel working as a delivery girl.”

Rupa has a source of inspiration behind her, and she is Aparna Das whom she confides in and looks up to, for emotional support.

Her message to all women out there –

‘Crave for a different life and freedom from age-old norms.’

“Do go ahead and break all obstacles. Do not be put down, by other people’s comments. Do what you feel is right, and do what gives you happiness. Whatever you choose, keep moving until you reach the goal ahead. We all should support each other and forge ahead. If all the women come together in supporting each other, in every sphere in life, we can scale huge mountains”, says the lady biker.

Tip of the Day from Rupa Chowdhury  Swiggy is giving bikes on rent, for those drivers who do not own one. So, now it is easy to get enrolled on the platform. Apart from that, cycles have also been introduced for service delivery. Women can come forward and chart a new way of life, with more financial independence.”

Life is always a struggle but facing it and breaking the knuckles of it needs extreme courage and positive mind. It is always easy to be doomed but to rise from ashes you need ‘Will-power’.


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