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Poulami Chakraborty May 16, 2018
Debjani Basu, Owner of Kheyamon

Fashion has always attracted her but choosing it as a profession was not on her cards unless life stranded her lonely. A good dancer, Debjani Basu, never thought her life will turn topple down. After her unsuccessful marriage; Debjani’s main objective of life was to earn a good livelihood, and raise his son. She has started with teaching options and later indulging into business which could allow her to maintain her family.

Initial phase was not a bed of roses for her, difficulties adorned her path. She started her catering business with delivery of few meals at the Airport office at Kolkata. Her authentic food generated more options for her. She supplied food first and later took the payment. Thus, her business widened from delivering few meals to having food supply chain at different Government outlets and circuit houses. Her perseverance and dedication enabled her to spread her business, thus making a niche in the food industry. Basu’s Mom’s Kitchen was the first step into the entrepreneurial world.

Few years later, Debjani thought of perusing her passion in the fashion world. And getting success in her first attempt, she indulged in her second entrepreneur venture ‘Kheyamon’.This fashion unit promises to deliver smart and trending dresses for women. With a wide collection of Western outfits, her dresses range from Rs. 1500 upto Rs. 30,000. Running successful exhibitions across the globe, Kheyamon  is looking for more ex

Model: Anwesha Mondol
Photographer: Madhurima Basak

pansion in different cities of India.

Debjani Basu does not have a formal business degree but her management qualities have outsmart many good entrepreneurs of time. A successful mother, daughter and a business woman, Debjani has built her own empire out of nothing and without any support. Single handedly she has raised her son studying in Class 6, and her two business units- Kheyamon and Mom’s Kitchen.

Basu guides her own tailors for designs and chooses materials on her own. Currently concentrating on woman attire, mainly Indo-Western she is ruling the fashion industry in Kolkata. “I have also believed in right ways though sustaining was difficult yet I achieved on what I believe”, says Basu. On asking her as to why she choose to have only Western collection Debjani says, “I also have sarees as a part of my boutique collection starting from Tant to Dhakai Jamdani. I am concentrating on Indo-Western outfit in cotton, cotton-silk and linen, keeping in minds the sultry weather of India. Woman can wear these dresses with ease and hustle free”.

Accessories from Kheyamon also have a reflecting aura with its exclusive “Bidi” collection, which went viral during the During Puja last year in Kolkata. According to Basu, “I have seen men smoking bidis and throwing away the butts. Suddenly I felt why not convert the bidis into jewellery. Smoked by men and worn by women. From there on Kheyamon also dealt with its exclusive collection of accessories.

From Saree to dresses, accessories and more Kheyamon offers a wide range of clothing. Kheyamon also has started its online order system thereby delivering across the nation currently employing more than 30 employees in Kheyamon and more than 50 employees in Mom’s Kitchen.  Debjani Basu is an example of strength of woman. She belives, “If I can start at the time when I was broken, everyone can overcome their pain and do something in life. My advice to the young woman is that stand on your feet before you marry.

Kheyamon’s Exclusive Collection: Bidi Jewellery

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