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Poulami Chakraborty March 6, 2018


Sumit Goswami
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A long time ago, a girl named Neili got married and went to live with her husband and mother- in -law.

Neili found that she couldn’t get along with her mother in law at all. Their personalities were different and Neili was annoyed by her mother in law’s habit. Moreover, her mother in law criticized Neili a lot.

As days passed by, Neili and her mother in law indulged in arguments and fights. As a result, there was no peace in the house; anger and unhappiness were rampant. As a result, Neili’s husband was mentally stressed out.

Finally being frustrated Neili thought to do something to end the chapter.

Neili went to his uncle Joe who used to sell herbs. She told him the situation and asked if he could give her poison so that she could solve the problem once and for all.

Joe thought for a while and finally said to Neili that he will help her but Neili has to obey his each and every word.

Neili agreed.

Joe gave her a package of herbs and told ” Neili you can’t use a quick poison to get rid of your mother in law because that would cause people to be suspicious. So I have given you a number of herbs that will slowly kill your mother in law.

Every day prepare some good dishes and put little of these herbs. You must act very friendly towards her so that she doesn’t doubt you. Don’t argue with her, obey her and give respect.”

Neili was happy and started doing exactly what Joe told her.

Neli started spending time with her mother-in-law, she became calm and enjoyed talking more with her on several issues.

But within a month the atmosphere and the house changed, peace was restored, Neili’s mother-in-law started praising and loving Neili. Neili also started developing a soft corner towards her mother in law. Neili’s husband was very happy with the development of the relationship between his mother and wife.

Then Neili went to joe and ask him to reverse the effect of poison as she doesn’t want her mother in law to die. Joe laughed and told that ” I have never given her poison. The herbs were vitamins to improve her health. The only poison was in your mind and your attitude towards her, but that has been washed away by the love you gave to her”.




  1. Always drop your ego try to respond not react and move forward to see the good qualities of the person in any relationship.

  2. Always share your problem and seek suggestions from people like Joe who are well-wishers, a friend in disguise and so avoid crooked ones.

  3. Always buy some time to make a relationship happening as it requires some time even for a bird to live in the nest of another bird. It’s not a ‘quick fix‘ glue solution, time will settle everything.

  4. Stay calm during differences as it will give you the right way to tackle it.

  5. Any problem can be sorted out with the right way of communication.

  6. Do not allow your husband to mediate as this will give him tension and even can hit bad couple relationship.

  7. It is always advisable to spend quality time with your in-laws by going to shopping together, watching a movie or seeking a suggestion from them. They will feel their importance in your life and will pamper you.

  8. Don’t take life and differences seriously. Its all are the part of the game.

Last but not the least,

9. Never try to separate your husband from your in-laws. How bad may be, still they are the nearest one of your husband. If you try to do so, eventually it will affect your relation only.

If you have not tried the tricks apply in your life and let us know how it worked. Stay Blessed!

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